Glass panes, windows and sliding glass doors are sought after features in a home because they let natural light into the home and give the effect of letting the ”outdoors” inside. Often sliding glass doors will open onto a deck or patio or a downstairs basement area. Unfortunately, sliding glass doors open your home to security risks.
Most homeowners focus their home security efforts on the front door, garage door, back door, and windows. While that makes perfect sense, the sliding glass door to the basement or the patio is a vulnerable area.
Many security experts will tell you that burglars will often bypass the front or back doors as they assume those will be locked securely. Instead, they will target weaker doors like sliding glass doors because they are usually out of view and not secured very well.

1) Sliding doors are almost always in the back of the home.

Sliding doors are usually installed as a patio door or as a door entry from the backyard to the basement level of a split-level or ranch with a basement home. Back yards are fairly concealed and usually not that well lit. hidden from view, it is the perfect entry point for a burglar.

2) Most sliding doors have weak built in door latches.

Since they are designed for frequent opening and closing, sliding glass doors don’t have dead bolt locks or often times don’t even have a keyed lock. A burglar could easily jiggle the door and gain entry to your home.


​3) They are usually made of glass and clear from top to bottom.

Most sliding doors are constructed of 2 very large glass panes in sliding door frames. Anyone looking through the sliding glass door can see just about everything in the room-including any valuables.

4) Sliding glass door frames can be pushed off their track or broken.

If a burglar wants to gain entry to your home, it would not be that difficult for them to push the doors off of their tracks or they could just break the glass panes.
A residential locksmith can shore up the security on your sliding doors in a number of ways.

Sliding Door Locks should be added to the top of the doors and on the door handles themselves.While you are shoring up the security on your sliding doors, it might be a good time to have your locksmith do a home perimeter security audit.

Top of the door sliding door locks are essentially spring locks attached to the side of the sliding door near the top. The lock has a blot that springs up into a plate at the top of the door frame when the door is shut to secure it. A key then locks it into place.

— Sliding door locks on the door handle should be heavy duty double bolted locks specifically designed for sliding doors because they are tamper proof.

Security Bars are long metal bars that are screwed into one side of the door frame and then either folded down or extended to sit tightly against the sliding door itself so there is no give.

While you are shoring up the security on your sliding doors, it might be a good time to have your locksmith do a home perimeter security audit. He may be able to make other recommendations that can make your home more “burglar proof”.read more about us.

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