When it comes to your keys, there are any number of things that can wrong. A moment of distraction can cause you to misplace and lose your entire ring of important keys. A single twist of a key can result in a break that leaves the remainder of the key stuck in the lock. The list goes on and on, but no matter what kind of key problems you are experiencing our team of locksmith experts can help.

Key Duplication

While you might be used to visiting the local hardware store to have your keys copied, their staff may not always have the skills or tools to copy older or complicated keys. Fortunately, we can duplicate any key. From standard house keys to antique or complex keys, our high trained locksmiths have the craftsmanship skills to reproduce practically any key.

Broken Key Replacement

In split second, your keys can go missing. Whether they drop out of your pocket or get left being at a restaurant, being without your keys can be a major source of anxiety. At Pro Locksmith, we specialize in replacing lost keys so that customers can return to their daily lives and have access to their home, car and business as quickly as possible. If you lost your keys, don’t panic. Simply give us a call and let our experts handle the rest.

Lost Key Replacement

Sometimes accidents happen and a key will break off right in the lock. If this happens, be sure to give Pro Locksmith a call. Not only can we extract the broken key from the lock or replace the lock if needed, we can also provide you with a replacement key. All it takes is one phone call and our mobile unit will be dispatched to your location. It simply couldn’t be easier to enjoy convenient key replacement services.


Re-Key Services

Losing your keys might also means losing your sense of security. It can be unsettling knowing that a stranger may be carrying around all your important keys. That is why we offer re-keying services. We can produce new keys and restore your security without having to replace all the locks. This is also a great service for anyone who may have bought a new home or vehicle and isn’t sure how may extra keys may be floating around. Save money and increase your peace of mind with our professional re-keying services.Call today to learn more about our key replacement and other locksmith services.

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