Many people know that a lock can be changed, but what most don’t ask themselves is if a lock can, in this case, a deadbolt, be rekeyed. The simple answer is—yes it can. However, the actual process is not as quick as fast as the answer itself. And when rekeying a lock of any type, it is best to call upon a professional trained locksmith to get the job done right.

When moving into a new home, or after the loss of their keys, most people make the decision to just change their deadbolts.  A much cheaper option would have been that of having a locksmith rekey.  Many are aware of what changing a lock means, and entails, however at the same time many are not aware of the fact that any lock, even a deadbolt, can be rekeyed. 

To understand a little better about the process first, we need to understand what the term “rekeying” actually means and the process involved.  Basically, in a nutshell, rekeying a lock is to change the current working key of a deadbolt to a different working key, without replacing the entire lock—or keeping the same lock but the old key will no longer work in it. 

The process of rekeying a deadbolt involves taking the mechanism apart and replacing parts of the internal workings called tumblers or key pins.  Every lock contains key pins in a series that will only work and correspond with the key associated with it.  By changing the order or sequence of these pins you are creating the need for a new key that will work with the new sequence.  The procedure may sound tedious and time-consuming, however, with a trained locksmith and the right tools, the procedure can be done pretty quick and effortlessly.

The thing to keep in mind here is that in order to rekey a deadbolt, the locksmith will need the original key for the lock.  If this is not available, the rekeying may still be achieved, however, the locksmith will have to pick the lock and that might mean incurring additional charges. 

A misconception that most assume is that by rekeying the deadbolt in some way makes it less secure—this is not true.  The security level of the lock is based on how many key pins are within the lock, which determines how intricate the key sequence is—the more key pins the more secure the lock.  By the locksmith swapping out the same number of key pins for the original number, the deadbolt will just as secure and safe as it had always been.As you can see, you do not have to totally replace your deadbolt when the time comes.  By enlisting the use of a trained and professional locksmith you can quickly and efficiently have the deadbolt rekeyed and your home or business safe and sound once again. Here is  more information about house locksmith service.